Policy Converter

Use this tool to convert any IAM policy in JSON format to IAM Floyd code.

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This converter produces working code, though not necessarily ideal code. Current limitations include:

  • Resource ARNs are not parsed and converted to the corresponding methods. Instead all resources ARNs are simply put into on methods. So when you see something like .on('arn:aws:es:*:*:domain/foo') it could be manually improved to onDomain('foo')

  • No reduction to access levels. If a policy contains all actions with access level write, the generated code will not simply have .allWriteActions(), but instead all individual action methods, like .toCreateFoo(), .toUpdateFoo(), .toDeleteFoo() etc

  • Wildcards are not resolved. If the input policy contains actions with wildcards, e.g. es:Create*, the generated code as well will contain .to('es:Create*') instead of the methods .toCreateElasticsearchDomain(), .toCreateElasticsearchServiceRole(), .toCreateOutboundCrossClusterSearchConnection()